unique christmas gift ideas for himI've thought about it many times trying to figure out why it is harder for me to get unique gifts for guys I know, but I still have not had any great revelation.

Instead I try to keep lists around of easy gift ideas so that when I need a gift for a guy, I can come up with a nice men's gift really quick and be done with the agony.

These five gift ideas have helped me many times when shopping for men.

#1 – Outdoor Gear

Not every guy is a rugged outdoors man but each of us has to be outside sometimes. What would make this more fun or more comfortable for the guy in mention?

If he likes to be in his yard, consider a Mosquito Magnet as a gift. If he goes out in the city, an oversized umbrella.

#2 -Gift Basket filled with his Favorite Things to Eat

What does this guy already enjoy eating? Is it BBQ sauce?

Is it beer? Is it granola? Find several new varieties for him to try and put them all together in a gift basket or gift box.

#3 -Tools to Make Life Easier

This could be a tool for the shop, but it could also be a tool for the kitchen, the office, the shower, the car, or any place this guy spends his time.

It can be a duplicate of a tool he is always losing or a replacement for one getting old. Here's how to identify where a tool like this is needed.

Just watch for moments of frustration when he is working on a project and think if there is a tool that would make the project go smoother or faster.

#4- Magazine, Movie and Music Subscriptions

These make great last minute “I-almost-forgot gifts” but I often use them in a planned way too. There are so many magazines to subscribe to in niches you didn't even know existed.

If the guy you are shopping for has a hobby, be assured, there is a magazine to go with it.

There are also subscription services that make great gifts like Netflix, AudioBooks, and fruit (bread, wine, etc.) of the month clubs. These gifts make little to no clutter and you can usually print a gift card online.

#5 -Guy Toys

Everyone jokes about big boys toys being bigger, but most guys still like the little ones too. Hot wheels, action figure,  remote control cars and helicopters – most men still light up just like when they were kids if they can get their hands on cool toys. The more batteries needed, the better!

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