how to shop for shoes onlineIf the designer shoe styles presented at Fashion Week are any indication of the top trends, then 2011 is guaranteed to be an exciting year for shoe lovers everywhere.

From Christian Louboutin’s red-bottomed soles to Brian Atwood’s sculptural heel creations, shoe art as a retail category over the last few years has really taken off.

No longer do shoes have to conform to a single category like: work wear or casual wear. In fact, ladies shoes can be sky-high, gravity defying and even heel-less.

But what are the best types of shoes for your lifestyle?

And how to do you buy the perfect pair of shoes without getting ripped off? Read on for a few tips to help you find the best designer footwear that will allow you to strut in style and fit your budget perfectly!

Skip the Picasso-like shoes that may cause you to trip down life’s runway. After all, shoes must be worn, but some recent designer shoe creations appear to be completely un-wearable.

So to prevent an unexpected accident, avoid platforms or 6-inch stilettos. Want to up your designer shoe game?

Choose wedges and flat-bottomed sandals with embellishments and jewelled-encrusted details instead.

Peruse the fashion magazines to locate the top trends see what is in style. Love flats but the platforms are all the rage? Want an over-the-knee boot, but the driving shoe is the new “it shoe?”

To prevent buyer’s remorse buy an inexpensive version of the trendy shoes (like rain boots, plastic flip-flops or animal-printed footwear) and splurge on the basic shoe options like ballet flats, pumps, evening sandals, dressy mules and boots.

Make sure the shoes are age appropriate, but not dowdy. Thanks to the inspiring demonstrations by women such as Helen Mirren and Sharon Stone, it is no longer expected that women over fifty will immediately take off their heels and replace them with a sensible pair of ladies online for shoes tips

To wear the trends that are sophisticated and not mumsy, choose bold materials like patent leather and suede on your round-toe, flats, stilettos or wedge heels. Also, show a little toe-cleavage in your shoes to amp up your senior-citizen sex appeal.

Cling to a shoe shopping budget. While the 50, 75 and 80 percent off shoe sales are tempting.

Do you research online before your next shopping excursion to find the average price of the shoes that you want or need. By knowing the sale price vs. the retail price of your designer footwear, you can create a clear shopping budget, prevent over-spending and recognize a real deal on ladies shoeswhen you see one in the stores.

Think about your health when buying your shoes. These days’ shoes are definitely a work of art, but you must consider the health effects of wearing high heels or shoes that are the wrong size. Why? High heels and ill-fitting shoes may be the cause of serious back and foot problems.

Newsflash: If the shoes hurt in the store and are too-tight, they might not loosen up after a few wearings. To avoid corns, bunions and calloused feet, have the salesperson measure both feet and buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.

Sure, that little black dress or floor-length ball gown hanging in your closet will look so much better with a fabulous new pair of stilettos or evening sandals.

And, we all know that the easiest and often most effective way of updating a gorgeous outfit is simply by choosing the right shoes.

The key to shopping for the best designer shoes however, is to be well- prepared. With these tips, you can plan a fabulous shoe-shopping excursion that won’t hurt your feet or your wallet.

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