how to buy vintage clothing online

You’re scouring the net for the best vintage clothing online, but don’t want to get ripped off or buy a cheaply-made replica.

Have no fear!

Here are a handful of ways to buy vintage clothing, whether you are trolling eBay or a vintage clothing boutique for steals and deals!

Know the numbers

If you are hunting for specific vintage items, first research what it might coast.

Visit the vintage clothing section on eBay or call a vintage store in your neighborhood to find the market rate for the each retro item you want to buy.

Before you buy this item, compare prices at three similar stores to determine if you are getting the best deal.

Get the best online vintage clothing deals via social media

The online shopping early bird definitely gets the worm.

By signing up for the mailing list of your favorite online vintage retailers, you’ll get first dibs on the shopping deals via the retailer’s Facebook page, twitter stream or weekly email list.

Spot a quality vintage garment from a fabulous fake

Whether you are buying a vintage purse or a 1940s dress, ask for photos to decide whether the item was well made and is in mint condition.

Here are a few ways to determine a quality garment:

  1. the seams on the vintage clothing should be finished to hide raw edges and turned under beautifully
  2. the lining of the purse should not be discolored or torn
  3. and if the vintage clothing item has patterns, the stripes, polka dots or houndstooth design should line up perfectly, and not looked crooked around the seams.

Ask about the history of the vintage clothing item

Contact the seller to find out when the item was made, why it is up for sale and the original name of the designer.

A passionate seller will want to tell you the origin of the vintage garment and its history to verify the item’s authenticity and quality.

Buy brands that you know and love

If you are familiar with the quality of a vintage brand online, you’ll be confident in the fit of the garment on the craftsmanship of the handbag or piece of jewelry.

Visit a few vintage clothing stores in your local area to get up close and personal with pieces. You’ll then be confident that the vintage clothing items will fit as you expect them to.

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