easter gift ideas

Want an Easter gift idea that is so charming and beautiful, you're sure to please the one's you love?

The best Easter gifts ideas are small-personalized items, like engraved jewelry for your children or a picture frame marked with the names of your siblings for your mother or father.

Here are a few Easter gift ideas that are memorable, affordable and won’t get regifted for Christmas!

Perfume Gift Basket

Find out the name of the gift recipient’s favorite fragrance. Visit the retail store or boutique where the perfume is sold.

Have the perfume sales associate gather 6 to 10 items from the perfume line, for example: a large bottle of perfume, body powder, body splash, body lotion, shower gel, and a small travel size container filled with the perfume.

Ask the perfume salesperson to make an Easter gift basket using the products as the contents of the basket.

Present this scented basket to your mother or grandmother after your religious ceremony with a card signed by all the family members.

Spa Gift Certificate for an Unemployed Job Seeker

With the recession looming over everyone’s head, finding a job in the current economy is a stressful process.

Choose a gift to de-stress and pamper an unemployed friend this March or April. A two- to three-hour relaxing body massage and a combination pedicure/manicure are special treats to help your female friend relax before an upcoming job interview.

Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry makes great Easter gift ideas for small children. To celebrate the holiday, buy a white gold bracelet or silver necklace. Add three- or four small egg-shaped charms to the bracelet and a sports-inspired charm for the necklace.

Engrave the name of the child on the back of one of the charms and on the charm of your son or nephew’s favorite athletic team. The child will have a special Easter keepsake that he or she can wear or as a part of his or her daily jewelry wardrobe.

Easter-themed Scrapbook for the Mom in your life

During Easter activities like egg rolls, egg dyeing and an Easter egg hunt the women in our lives are usually so busy taking pictures of these events that they miss a lot of the action.

To capture special moments after the religious ceremony for the busy mom, make her a post-wedding Easter-themed album of all your personal pictures.

The pictures can have one singular theme such as funny or food-related, and will show your wife some of the special Easter moments she might have missed.

With Easter coming soon, you’ll need a few gift ideas for the small or large Easter bunnies in your family.

This March or April you know have four Easter gift ideas to say “thanks,” “best-wishes” or “I love you” to the people in your life who deserve a little extra appreciation this Easter.

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