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So you think that it's better to have a few high-quality designer items than a closet filled with cheap or trendy clothes?

But how do you get designer clothing bargains online, without getting ripped off?

Finding deals on designer clothing isn’t difficult, if you follow a few fashion rules.

While some shoppers prefer to browse deals on eBay and Craigslist, others prefer scouring sample sales and the retailer’s website for bargains.

Shopping Tip # 1 – Determine if the deal is real. Is the price of the designer clothing really a bargain?

No matter what the price, the item is only worth it if you wear it. Before you add the item to the virtual shopping cart, decide how many seasons you’ll wear the inexpensive dress, shoes or handbag.

If you think the item will last for a minimum of three seasons – and it fits into your budget—buy it! But if you are in doubt, keep checking back every two weeks to find out if the price of your designer garment has been reduced.

Shopping Tip #2 – Buy your designer clothes when the seller needs some quick cash.

Most online stores and big retailers mark down their merchandise 6 to 8 weeks after the designer clothing hits the website.

Remember the cardinal online shopping rule: Every item eventually goes on sale. When new designer clothing arrives, online stores have to get rid of merchandise that's been in the inventory too long.

For example: If you want the best deals on French Connection clothing, you would shop the week after Christmas and during Black Friday.

Shopping Tip # 3 – Check the return policy for the designer clothing before your swipe your virtual credit card.

If you are the type of shopper who has to take something home and try it on in the mirror, be sure to read the store’s return policy with sale items before buying. More often than not, “on sale” is code word for final sale with no returns.

Remember: The sales racks at department stores and designer boutiques aren't the only way you can get a bargain on designer clothing.

No matter what your shopping strategy, you can score a sweet shopping deal online, without fear of losing your cold hard cash or overpaying for the latest and greatest designer duds.

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  1. Fantastic.. these shopping tips are really helpful.. aside from shopping online clothing stores, hunting for designer clothes online is also my favorite.. and I never go wrong..

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