designer clothing swap invitationSearching for a great designer-clothing deal?

Rather than spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on pricey Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci at a boutique or luxury department store, have a designer-clothing swap party with your girlfriends.

In addition to saving you tons of cash these shopping and swapping parties are a great slumber party idea for college friends or for southern fashionistas who want to look good for less.

Things You’ll Need for Your Designer Swap Party:

  • Invitations
  • Name tags
  • Food
  • Hangers
  • Clothing Rack
  • Large table
  • Rolling clothing racks
  • Ask your guests to bring at least one medium-s-zed shopping bag filled with designer clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories for your swap party.

Step 1 – Determine your swap theme.

Themes for designer swapping soirees can range from seasonal ladies clothing or accessories to retro and vintage fashions from the 70s or 80s.

Once you select the type of clothes that your friends should bring to the gathering, buy colorful decorations, printed napkins with a shopping theme and drinks and food to keep the swappers stomachs from rumbling.

Step 2 – Invite an even number of friends.

Select a max of 10 friends for the clothing swap. Why such a small number? Too many designer-obsessed women swapping pricey clothing might be too difficult for you to control and organize.

If you don’t have your own gaggle of fashionable friends, ask your best buds invite and recommend other shopping and swapping fanatics other to help build your designer swap guest list.

Step 3 -Set up your dressing rooms.

Identify a large room, like a living room or den ( à la Loehmann’s), for your temporary dressing area. For women like me who want privacy, set aside 3 or 4 rooms for private dressing areas.

Place a minimum of 5 or 6 full-length mirrors in the large dressing area for all swap party participants. Need shoe racks to display shoes?

Step 4 –Ready. Set. Swap.

Ask each swapper to place her clothes on the clothing racks located in the temporary dressing area.

Or, if you have a small apartment or townhome, drape the designer clothing items over a bed or couch, so each party guest can check the items before the swap begins.

After each guest reveals their pieces of fabulous clothing, the party begins.

The only rule of this designer swap party is that each shopper must try on the clothing or accessory item before she claims the designer piece as her own.

Final Designer Clothing Swap Tips:

  1. If two guests want the same clothing item, play a quick game or toss a coin to decide who wins the designer clothing items.
  2. If you have any clothing that is leftover after your swap, donate it to your favorite charity.
  3. Need food ideas? Real Simple Magazine suggests that you serve snacks at your swap party — such as an easy cheese spread, deviled eggs or macaroons―that guests can nosh on with one hand.

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    Pretty good! I love the idea of dress swapping. It is good concept for party lovers. If implemented, then you don’t need to maintain special dress for each party. Go and exchange with near and dear ones and solve the purpose. It will save good amount of money too which can be invested on other useful things.

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