cleaning your designer clothes

Let's face it: designer clothes are expensive.

Caring for your linen, cashmere and cotton clothing is essential to prolong the life of everything in your closet.

To keep your clothes in pristine condition use the following when-to-wash-it handbook.

Clean your suede and leather jackets once a season.

Find a professional leather and suede cleaning professional to keep your pieces in top condition. Spot-clean stains with a product made for leather or brush your suede jackets or blazer with a suede brush after each wearing.

Wash your jeans and dress pants after 4 to 5 wears.

Your favorite pair of denim is good at masking dirt, so skip the over washing. Why? Too much contact with water, soap and an agitating washer may cause your jeans to fray of fade.

Extend the life of your lingerie with a gentle washings.

Hand wash your bras after 3 to 4 wears. If you sweat a lot, wash your lace, silk or rayon bras in baby detergent in cold water.

If you must wash your cotton bras, place theme in a vented ball or a mesh lingerie bag before dropping them into a gentle wash cycle. Clean your swimsuits and panties after every wear.

Wash you tops, skirts and dresses after 1 to 3 wears.

How often you clean these clothes depends on your personal sweat factor and the number of stains on your clothing.

You can refresh your clothes with a quick 1o minute tumble in the dryer with a designer clothes

More tips on cleaning your designer clothes without ruining them

  • Never use any wire clothes hangers in your closet for hanging clothes.
  • Wear your designer duds for special occasions only. Weddings, celebrations, holiday parties and special events are the best occasions for your designer duds.
  • If your suit is wrinkled, skip the dry cleaner. Get it steam-pressed instead.
  • Dry clean your clothing before placing these items into storage. Remove all clear dry cleaning bags to avoid any damage to your wool, cashmere or silk pieces.
  • Fold each of your sweaters neatly. If you hang your designer sweaters, the delicate fibers will stretch the garment beyond repair.
  • Don’t place your summer silks, cottons and linens next to your sweaters and evening wear. Hanging or folding your jet beading, sequin, satin and wool garments against your thin summer clothing can cause the accidental tearing of your clothing.

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