online shopping coupon codeIf you are a woman who loves a bargain, you can learn how to shop a flash sale site and score big deals.

In fact, at you can have See by Chloe handbags, Marni shoes, Stella McCartney dresses, Mulberry iPad cases, Valentino purses and Marc by Marc Jacob jackets and accessories at a fraction of their original retail price.

This exciting and easy-to-use flash sale site offers shoppers daily and weekly steals and deals on top-notch designer merchandise. Featuring 100 percent authentic merchandise, this site is a must for huge discounts on high-end clothing, bags, jewelry and more.

Shopping a flash sales site without missing out on the daily deals takes careful planning and determination.

In fact, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss out on that designer bag or perfect pair of shoes that you are coveting because you missed the daily deal time or left the item in your shopping cart accidentally.

Using this simple style guide, you can shop with confidence and save money with every click.

Let’s get started!

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What is the Amuze Vibe? – On-trend, current and polished.

Who is the Amuze Shopper? – A label-loving fashionista who wants to save up to 80 percent off designer goods and merchandise.

How is Amuze different from other flash sale sites? You can shop for flash sales on the site, but Amuze also features daily deals. Every day at 12 noon, a daily deal is offered for 24 hours at a great discounted price.

For example, today’s deal is the Valentino Medium Nuage Bow Tote don’t forget your $25 off coupon.

The retail price of this handbag is usually $1,245.00, but today’s deal price is $475.00. Don’t miss out on this handbag — this weekend daily deal runs through Monday!

How do I sign up? It’s simple to sign up for this member’s only flash sale site. Here are three simple steps:

1 – Click the create account button.amuze signup

2 – Wait for the first screen to pop up. Fill in your name and email address. signup

3 – Input your name, email address and password to complete the sign-up process. coupon code

Show me the goods: Visit to sign up and get started shopping. Use the following discount code at Amuze to get $25 off! Remember, to get the best designer goods for less, each daily deal item only lasts 24 hours, and most flash sales are over in 72 hours. Also, if you invite your friends to become members of the site, you’ll receive a 25$ credit for each sign-up.

Here’s how to shop this flash sale website like a pro:

  1. Start your shopping early. Most sites post their new deals early in the morning. To avoid your size selling out, or missing the perfect piece of jewelry, it is important that you are prepared and ready to buy once the online sale starts. So if you want a particular item, log into the site by 10 am — and no later than noon — to get premium access to the best inventory.
  2. Add your item to the cart immediately. If you are looking through Amuze and spy something you want, add it to your cart quickly! You don’t want to see the “sold out” sign because another member has bought the item before you could. Most flash sale sites give their members 10 to 15 minutes shopping time before they take the item out of the cart and make it available for others to grab and buy.
  3. Know the return rules. To avoid buyer’s remorse, read Amuze’s return policies clearly. If you want to return an item, you can get an Amuze credit or the site will refund you your original payment minus any shipping charges — within 14 days of your purchase. Review
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Stay connected. Join Amuze’s Facebook page , twitter stream , or grab a $25 of coupon to receive up-to-the-minute information on special sales, promotions, and merchandise giveaways.


Stay connected. Join Amuze’s Facebook page , twitter stream , or grab a $25 of coupon to receive up-to-the-minute information on special sales, promotions, and merchandise giveaways.

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