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For trendy and style conscious women, buying the latest designer clothes is important.

As new couture and designer garments are revealed on the catwalk each season, finding really cute and cheap designer clothes is a fashionista's ultimate goal.

For a shopper on a budget, however, finding affordable fashion can be very expensive as it can take cheaper mainstream stores some time before they start stocking the latest apparel.

Here’s a secret tip for those who love to discount shop and bargain shop for designer clothes: the internet has plenty of steals and deals on overstocked items and designer clothes for your wardrobe.

With every season comes new fashion, and there are several styles making a re-emergence this year, as well as new ones making their way to the forefront of fashion.

Here are the best affordable and really cute designer fashion trends:

  • Traditional lace continues to evolve on the catwalk, and this season you’ll see less of all lace garments, and more of hints of lace incorporated into larger designs.
  • Meanwhile, the 70’s has reemerged with the rise of crochet and macramé, and you’ll find these fabrics are must haves this season.
  • Whilst skinny jeans and pants are out, bell bottoms, wide legged pants and flares are in, as are the tighter and shorter Capri pants.
  • Pleats, a staple of most wardrobes, are also huge this summer with more fashion than ever incorporating the design trend.
  • Maxi dresses meanwhile have evolved into tail hems, with dresses noting longer backs than fronts, whilst jumpsuits are back for the summer, offering an all-in-one look.
  • Accessories haven’t been forgotten either and for summer 2011 bigger is most definitely better.
  • Earrings are set to be huge, with hoops, bohemian and chandelier type accessories all making the fashion grade. And the larger, brighter and bolder they are, the better they’ll suit this year’s style.

One of the key ways to buy affordable fashion is to shop online.

Shopping online is  an ideal option if you want to get hold of the in-vogue fashions and start creating your summer, spring or fall wardrobe as quickly as possible. Not only will you be able to shop from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll also be able to utilize the extensive range of discounts available online.

With online retailers becoming increasingly aware of size guides you should be able to ensure that your virtual basket of goodies fits.

Memorize these five shopping tips as you shop til you drop and find the best bargains online.

#1 -Compile your list of sites specifically designed for the best online bargain shopping.

Use your favorite search engine to find deals online.

Type the words “online sample sales”, “discount shopping” or “bargain clothing” into your favorite search engine to uncover the web’s best sites for online bargain shopping.  Search often as new sites for the bargain shopper open everyday.

#2- Compare prices online.

Are you ready to hunt for the best deal, but don’t have a lot of time? Use a price comparison search engine to maximize deals.

Why waste time scouring 100 sites for the best online bargain clothing deals? Let a shopping search engine do all the work for you.

#3 -A smart bargain shopper uses coupon codes.

Get ready to save money with an extra discount at checkout. Online bargain shoppers can either use a coupon aggregator like,, or for additional discounts on clothing.

If possible, don’t forget to bundle your coupons for big savings at checkout.

#4- Shop the online sample sales.

In the past, sample sale shopping was limited to privileged fashion insiders who lived in Los Angeles and New York. The new online sample sale phenomenon gives online bargain shoppers premium access to designer labels.

Want to shop designer bargain clothes until you drop?

Join the mailing list of your favorite online sample sites. As a super bargain shopper you’ll have the web’s best shopping deals delivered to your inbox daily.

#5- Shop off-season and save.

Buy your bikini in the winter. Purchase leather and suede during July and August.

Clothing and shoes are dramatically reduced at the end of each shopping season. The best time to get an online shopping bargain is when the stores are clearing their shelves to prepare for the next season’s merchandise.

A few more tips  and Resources to really cute cheap designer clothes for women online

#1 – Online Bargain Shopping Pitfalls

#2 –5 Style Websites To Buy Cheap Trendy Clothes

#3 – How to Go Bargain Shopping for Clothes on the Web

  • Last-minute shoppers beware. A discount bargain shopper needs plenty of time in advance to find deals online instead of waiting for the last minute to find a sale.
  • and are two popular sites that offer designer clothing deals at discounted prices.
  • Use, and to compare prices before you buy.

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