I grew up in Southern California, but mint julep runs through my veins.

As a child, I was surrounded by the most well-dressed women in Los Angeles.  A tight-knit crew of fashion-forward, impeccably-dressed style doyennes, these ladies  introduced me to a particular style of dress that married city sensibilities with southern formality.

These Steel Magnolias–from Florida, Texas and Louisiana– knew how to tie the perfect scarf and select a straw hat that would be the envy of their church-lady friends.

A fashionable and formidable cadre of elegant ladies and society darlings, they taught me how to be a gentile southern lady swaddled comfortably in the finest woolens, silks and cotton eyelet. Most of all, these Southern ladies were the utmost reflection of femininity, sophistication and confidence.

Their lessons on clothing, etiquette and personal style transformed me–an awkward and shy little minx-in-training–into an incredibly vibrant, stylish and self-assured woman. I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like them.

Retail Magnolia celebrates the unique relationship southern women have with fashion. Here you’ll learn treasured Southern style commandments  and a few new Southern fashion rules for modern fashionistas who choose to wear white after Labor day.

From selecting your first debutante dress to coordinating the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding, church or a football game, the southern belle is taught to adhere to a particular fashion code that is unique to the fashionable ladies of this region. It is my purpose to inspire you to be the best-dressed woman in the room and exude your own style with a little Southern flavor.

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